Energy Sheet Piles

Energy sheet piles are thermally activated in an environmentally friendly way via groundwater in soils or in flowing waters. The system has a very high efficiency compared to other ground coupled collector systems with optimal long term stability and durability. Complete dismantling is possible at any time if necessary.

When combined with a cistern, the water can be collected as a heat reservoir during heavy rains and used for irrigation during periods of drought.

Compared to conventional heating systems, only 20%  of the electricity or gas required is needed to generate heat. his results in a savings potential of over 80%  in energy costs.

Video: Presentation on the generation of energy from sheet piles,
David M. J. Smeulders, Eindhoven University of Technology

Possible Applications

Houses and Apartment Buildings

Commercial Areas



Energy sheet piles can serve as a foundation (assembly) for buildings and garages. This saves construction costs.

Unique Selling Points

Optimal convective heat transport in water

Maximum heat transfer at the boundary layer

Highest level of thermal conductivity in large steel sheet pile walls (patent pending)

Highest cost-benefit efficiency of all collector systems

Patented energy sheet piles as the energy source of the future

European Patent No.: EP 2 374 942 B1 / European Patent Application No.: EP 3 486 378 A1